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Shakti, The Sandwich Shop, understands the value of original flavour of any authentic sandwich. We give value to our customers’ preferences and accordingly chef our dish that will relish your taste buds. The freshly baked sandwiches are prepared on charcoal-fired tandoor machine to add authentic tang.

This exclusive sandwich shop is created with an aim to serve scrumptious and flavourful sandwiches to the customers at rates that reflect the quality and taste. Over time, our sandwiches are deeply adored and relished by our customers.

With flair in preparing sandwiches, the Shakti, The Sandwich Shop ensures its customers to deliver real taste of international cuisines. We taste every individual product to ensure that it carries the natural aroma in its purest form. We never compromise on the quality and originality of any dish served in front of you. In fact, the dish will be presented in an artistic form to tempt your taste buds and treat your eyes.

We take pride in announcing that our store is a popular online food delivery Ahmedabad in terms of taste and price. The entire preparation is done by skilful chefs with extensive knowledge of preparing delicious sandwiches. Also, we believe that offering a friendly ambience helps the customers to relish the food more than anything else. The peaceful sandwich junction is also welcoming for couples, friends, and families and for individuals. Well, for an order preparation you may need to keep patience for 20 minutes, which we take to prepare your food with utmost affection.

The dishes are concocted out of fresh cheese, baked breads, tangy cheese jalapeno, avoury chocolate delight, spicy tandoori, zesty bhel, delicious and soft paneer and many more authentic flavours. Shakti, The Sandwich Shop, is also open to you for ordering in bulk for special occasions like birthdays, social gathering, small parties, and anniversary meal.

If you ever feel hungry at the middle of the night, no worries, calls us. We are just a call away! Our sandwiches are perfect additions for late night movies!

We will be there to serve you right at your door step at any time. In fact, you can expect us to be with you even during the holidays or weekends. So, from now on if you wish to quench your taste buds with some innovative, delectable and tangy sandwiches, we will offer you the easiest way to do so, right in Ahmedabad.

Founder : Nilesh Prajapati

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